Affordable Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyers

At Team Legal Chicago LLC, our Bankruptcy Lawyers understand that paying for a bankruptcy lawyer is not easy. If you are contemplating bankruptcy, it’s likely that you do not have thousands of dollars to pay a bankruptcy attorney. Yet, your income is shrinking, your debts are overwhelming and the creditors will not stop harassing you. It’s finally time to file for bankruptcy, but you cannot afford to pay a Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney.

Never File For Bankruptcy Alone, We Have Affordable Bankruptcy Options

The alternatives to hiring a Chicago Bankruptcy lawyer are overwhelming. Although you should be careful of attorneys fees, your goal should never be to do a cheap bankruptcy. A cheap bankruptcy would consist of you either filing for bankruptcy alone, or hiring a “document preparation” company. Filing bankruptcy alone is not an option. A typical bankruptcy petition is over 50 pages long and requires intimate knowledge of the Federal Bankruptcy Code. You may apply an exemption erroneously and may possibly lose property that could have been protected.

At Team Legal Chicago LLC, our bankruptcy lawyers in Chicago have seen it all, when it comes to people trying to file a cheap bankruptcy and getting into serious trouble. At Team Legal Chicago LLC, we want to help you file for bankruptcy the right way, by giving you an affordable bankruptcy option.

Team Legal Chicago LLC, does not believe in hidden fees. We will always strive to be upfront with you and completely honest.

Our Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers can file your bankruptcy for $699.00.00. Although the $699.00 covers our legal fees it does not include the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing fee ($306.00) or the credit report fee ($35/person).

Moreover, with our free bankruptcy consultation you can meet with one our bankruptcy lawyers in the Chicago area and learn about bankruptcy and whether or not it is right for you. The goal of Team Legal Chicago, is to help you file for bankruptcy and get a fresh start.